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Member Development Strategy Review

18/10/2021 - Member Development Strategy Review

The Head of Legal and Governance and Monitoring Officer reported that in order to ensure that Member training and development was prioritised, planned and co-ordinated effectively it was important that the Council had a Member Development Strategy.  That Committee had agreed to adopt the Strategy in July 2004 (Minute No. 6 of the meeting on 12th July, 2004 refers).


The Member Training Working Group had revised the Member Development Strategy to ensure continuation of effective Member Development.  The Strategy had been reviewed on a biennial basis in conjunction with the Democratic Services Manager, the Democratic Services Officer (Member Support) and the Member Training Working Group.  The responsibility for agreeing the overall Strategy sits with Full Council.


It was moved by Councillor Morgan and seconded by Councillor Assouad, and


RESOLVED:- To recommend the Council approve the revised Member Development Strategy.